Glow in the dark tape aka Photo-luminescent tape


What is Photoluminescent tape?

Photoluminescent tape or more commonly known as the glow in the dark tape is a tape that as the name depicts glows in dim lights or in the dark.  The tape is generally made from the typical vinyl material but is covered by a layer of phosphor that aids in the illumination.

Phosphor has the ability to absorb and store light radiations or photons. These photons or emissions remain stored and are projected out. As the surrounding lightning is often brighter as compared to the glow of the glow tape, it is hard to determine it in ambient light. However, with the lights dimmed or turned off, the brightness is prominent against the blackness.

The strength of the light source depends upon the amount of light radiation absorbs. Meanings if the tape is exposed to materials throwing off a high amount of light energy, it is most likely to glow brighter. The glow tape emits back the light energy because the photons in the phosphor present on the glow in the dark tape are excited. Their excitement results in these photons moving around rapidly, which, as a result, produces light.

These products, although may sound flimsy, are in reality quite long-lasting. As the glow on the photoluminescent tape is made by phosphorous, so it doesn’t really wear out for a considerable period.  This is why it is a popular choice for serving as a safety tool in many facilities.

Uses of Glow in the dark tape

Glow tapes are popular for a number of applications they have such as:

  1. Power outs in workplaces factories are a risk to safety. This is why glow in the dark tapes can be used to mark out safe routes and passages. This way, in case of a power outage, it would be easy for people to find every safety exits and reach safety without anyone panicking.
  2. In factories or warehouses, these glow tapes can be efficiently used to highlight ladder rings making it easier for people to move around them.
  3. Glow in the dark tapes is also a great prop to use on stages. Usually, just when the play is completed, the lights are shut off, leaving the area surrounded into complete darkness. These glow tapes are then used to guide performers to exit the stage quickly.
  4. Objects such as forklifts, racks, or barrels are often decorated with the use of glow in the dark tapes. This is done specifically when they are stored in dark places so that they may be easily visible in dim lighting and therefore not be a cause of harm for anyone.
  5. Dance floors are conveniently decorated through the use of glow in the dark tapes. These tapes are perfect for giving off the desired festive effect to the place.
  6. Glow in the dark tapes are also used to decorate haunted houses and for Halloween decorations. This is probably because of the eerie glow they give off in the darkness, which is perfect for the spooky display. They are used to either lay off various pattern or some of the scary props used in the decoration.