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Duct Tape Dan's Duct Tape Roses

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20130730 dans duct

Our friend on Facebook, Dan form Dan’s Duck Tape Products, made these duct tape roses. The roses look great, and this is a great example of how a good photo really makes the design pop!

Thanks, Dan for sharing. You can check out more of Dan’s work on Facebook, and of course, you can buy all the duct tape you need from

Duct Tape Makes a Sling For a Fallen Horseback Rider

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072513 rider

One of our customers loves duct tape and loves horseback riding, and recently, these two loves met on a collision course, and duct tape saved the day. Our friend Phyllis from Montana was out in the back-country with her riding group, and one of the riders took a nasty fall, breaking her arm. Phyllis’ husband, an orthopedic surgeon, used duct tape to stabilize the fallen rider’s arm. It took hours for a helicopter to airlift the rider out, and doctors credit quick thinking and duct tape for minimizing the damage so there could be a successful surgery. Now, Phyllis reports, her entire riding group never hits the back-country without duct tape.

Thanks for sharing your story, Phyllis, and we’ll consider your suggestion of a western-style duct tape. We have all the duct tape you could ever want at

Duct Tape Canvas: Six Feet Under the Stars

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moon canvas

Danielle Carter is our friend on Facebook and Instgram, and she makes fantastic Duct Tape Canvases. She says this canvas was inspired by a song from the band All Time Low called “So Wrong, It’s Right.” The tricky part for Danielle was making the night sky because she didn’t want to use just a pain blue; she wanted it to “pop,” so she cleverly incorporated all of the Duck Brand blues. A true All Time Low fan will notice the the street sign alludes to a lyric in the song, “meet me on Thames Street.” The stars and the moon and made with glow-in-the-dark duct tape.

Nice work Danielle, and thanks for sharing your art! You can follow Danielle on Facebook at, or on Instagram at @dazzlin_danni.

Gearing Up For More YouTube Fun

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youtube banner

We have been having fun with our Duct Tape Music Videos, and we're gearing up to do more videos.  We updated our YouTube channel, so take a look.  If you have a YouTube channel, share your link, we'd love to subscribe.

Do you have a project you would like to have featured on Duct Tape Fashion?

Great! We’d love to have you. Here’s what to do: 1) Go to and like our page. 2) Post a photo of your project on our wall. 3) Get 50 people to like the photo. Once that happens we’ll ask you to contact us so we can ask some questions about how you made your project and what tapes you used.