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Halen Harvey's Duct Tape Dress

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halen harvey dress

Our friend Halen Harvey on Facebook shared this great duct tape dress she made for a spirit day at her high school.  She based the design on a pattern she bought from her nearest craft store, and she embellished with beautiful duct tape chevron accents and textures.  And check out the matching purse.  Nice work Halen!  Thanks for sharing.

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MalleableGifts' Mega Duct Tape Purse

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20131216 zipper purse

Our friend MalleableGifts on Etsy made this incredible Mega Duct Tape Purse. Besides the hardware, this purse is all duct tape. 11” x 7” x 3”, this purse has a reinforced zipper top, and a magnetic clasp closure. Stainless steel rivets bind the purse together in all the right spots to make this a completely functional accessory -- not to mention the indestructible factor. MalleableGifts uses extra wide rolls of duct tape to make the seamless panels.

You can check out this Mega Duct Tape Purse or buy it at MalleableGifts’ Etsy store.

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Looks Like Wool But It's Actually Duct Tape Purse

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20131211 wool purse

Our friend PolkaDuct on Etsy crafted this awesome purse with Wool Stocking Designer Duct Tape. The pattern is so realistic, she says some people have to stop and feel it to believe it. The purse itself has many compartment and a big pocket that zips shut. The wooden button is decorative, and she used a magnet to fasten the flap. You can check out this purse on PolkaDuct's Etsy store.

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