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Duct Tape Computer

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duct tape computer

Kim Perkins made her Ductbook Pro for a contest at the page on Facebook. She covered two pieces of cardboard with grey duct tape. She traced the outline of the Apple logo on to white duct tape and cut it with an exacto knife. The keys for the keyboard were harder. Kim used actual keys from an old keyboard and traced them onto black duct tape and cut them out with an exacto knife. (She admits that it might not be an exact replica of a Mac computer.

Kim is with Camp Victory, and we sent them some duct tape so that kids could make fun crafts like duct tape wallets and duct tape roses.

To make this duct tape Computer, Kim used the following tape from

ScratchBuild Modle Airplane Made with Carton Tape

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Our friend Ed O'Beirne has a great project called Experimental Airlines where he creates and promotes the creation of innovative remote contol airplanes that include colored packing tapes provided by 

Ed says, "The crucial components of the genre of airplane I like to design, build, and promote are your colored packing tapes plus Readi-Board (aka "Dollar Tree Foamboard) and hot glue. I've developed a method of consistently applying the tape to the foamboard prior to building. The tape not only adds color but also strength, durability, and waterproofing (from wet grass)."

Ed has a contest he runs every couple of months to see who can build the most outstanding example of a model airplane using his technique.

Check out Experimental Airlines on YouTube»

Here's the Carton Tapes from used for the planes»

Introducing the New Duct Tape Fashion

on . Posted in Uncategorised has recently acquired a website called Duct Tape Fashion belonged to Keith Drone who started making things out of duct tape back in the 90's -- before it was cool. Keith's website is where he showed off and sold his creations, and he built a cult following, appearing on TV, in magazines, and in books for his duct tape innovations. But Keith is throwing in the towel on his career as a duct tape maven, and he's trusted us, the Tape Brothers, to carry on his legacy.

The new is designed to showcase the incredibly cool and innovative things our friends and fans do with the tape (duct tape and otherwise) that they buy from us. From fun arts and crafts to flying model airplanes, each week we plan on showcasing one project and describing the tape used to make the project, and linking to the website or facebook page for the project's creator.

Keith also sold lots of cool products made of duct tape on his site. We don't sell duct tape products so we have reached out to our friends on Facebook and we have found a number of people who do sell cool duct tape stuff, and we've started linking our new website to their stores. If you go to, anywhere you see a gray "Coming Soon" graphic means we're still looking for someone to provide that product for sale. If that's you let us know.

Of course we hope this website will encourage more people to buy our tape, but more than that, we want to celebrate or friends and fans work, we want to send new visitors to their websites, and we want to provide a community form for all duct tape enthusiasts. Check out the site and let us know what you think!

Duct Tape Duck by Sarah Stout

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duct tape duck

Sarah Stout is a friend of the TapeBrothers page on Facebook, and she won our first ever contest with this great-looking pair of tape ducks. Sara also makes beautiful roses. You can see her work and contact her to buy her crafts from her Duct Tape by Design page on Facebook.

Sarah told us she shaped the duck with wadded up newspaper. Once she got the shape she wanted, she wrapped the whole thing with masking tape. She says you can’t get a really flat look from duct tape when covering a rounded object, so she ended up cutting individual feathers out of duct tape. The tail feathers have wire in between the pieces so they can be bent. The wings and bill were shaped out of cardboard.

For this project, Sara used:

All tape listed can be found at

Do you have a project you would like to have featured on Duct Tape Fashion?

Great! We’d love to have you. Here’s what to do: 1) Go to and like our page. 2) Post a photo of your project on our wall. 3) Get 50 people to like the photo. Once that happens we’ll ask you to contact us so we can ask some questions about how you made your project and what tapes you used.