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Duct Tape Flowers

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tori flowers

Our friend on Facebook Toni Ann Straws from DuctTape Fabulous shared the gorgeous duct tape flowers with us.  We love the petal design, and this is a great example of a well-photographed project.  Thaks for sharing, Toni.

All duct tape used in this project is from

Duct Tape Donation for Crafty Richela and Ronald McDonald House New York

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richela donation2

Our friend Crafty Richela @CraftyRichela, author of the terrific Tape It & Make It duct tape craft book, will be at the Ronald McDonald House New York on Sunday March, 10 2013 to teach the kids the art of Duct Tape Crafting! Barron’s Educational has donated copies of Richela’s book, and was thrilled to donate some duct tape for the effort. Thanks for thinking of us Richela, and send us photos of the event!

Calling for Wavy Green Duct Tape Photos for the Next Duct Tape Music Video

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wayvy green2

Our next Duct Tape Music Video will feature Duck Brand Wavy Green Duct Tape. We will also throw in some photos of Green Duct Tape for good measure. What we need you to do is take a roll of Wavy Green Duct Tape or Green Duct Tape (or both) and send us photos of Duct Tape in crazy situations. Also, we’ll be looking for Duct Tape Crafts made with Wavy Green Duct Tape or Green Duct Tape. You can post the photos on our page on Facebook, or post them in the comments section below. Get your photos in by March 15, 2013, and we’ll be making the video that weekend. Once we post the video, we'll pick one of the people who contributed to receive the Duct Tape Care Package shown above.

Valentine's Duct Tape Music Video Care Package

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wild hearts pack

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos for our Valentines Duct Tape Music Video, which is called Wildhearts Alone. We picked one of the people who contributed, and we’re sending a care package of Wild Hearts Duct Tape, Red Duct Tape, and Hot Pink Duct Tape. From now on we’ll be picking someone who contributes to each video and sending a care package, but we want to thank everyone who participates!

How to Ask For a Duct Tape Donation from

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Every week, we have people ask us to donate duct tape. Requests come from people like individuals working on a pet project, from roller derby teams, and from big kid-focused charities. has set up a monthly budget for duct tape donations, and although we'd like to help everyone, sometimes we have to make tough decisions on who we can help right away, and who we have to turn down.

We make our decisions based on a few factors. How much good will our donation do? How much tape has been asked for? And what will we have to show for our donation?

When we donate duct tape to a worthy cause, we like to make a big deal about it. We're going to let our friends and fans know we're making the donation. We'll probably post a photo of the package before it leaves our warehouse, and we hope we'll get photos back of people using our tape. This is good for everyone because it helps us promote the cause, and it gives the cause a chance to say thanks by promoting us.

If you're going to ask us for a donation, make sure you're clear about how much tape you need, about what good our donation will do, and let us know what you'll be able to provide to us so we can show how the tape was used.

Recently we donated some duct tape to our new friend Steve, and he's provided a great example of what you can do to help us get the most out of our donation.

Steve, is involved with a kids soccer team, and the kids had a chance to play an exhibition Futsal (indoor soccer) game at the Hampton Reggae Festival. Steve asked us to donate some red, yellow, and green duct tape so he could mark-off the Futsal court. Here's what Steve did to make donating easy:

He Knew How Much Duct Tape He Needed:

Steve knew that he could mark-off his Futsal court with 2 rolls of each color, and have a little to spare. That was easy for us to do, and we even threw in a couple rolls of pattern duct tape for the kids to craft with.

futsal donation

He Demonstrated the Good:

Steve's team is designed for kids that might not have access to other programs, and it reinforces fitness, teamwork, structure, and self-discipline.  He shared this photo of the kids playing a match:

futsal kids 2

He Promoted Us on Facebook:

Steve posted on his page on Facebook that we would be donating tape to the event, and he encouraged his fans to like our page and thank us for the donation. We saw dozens give us a thumbs up for our participation, including this post:

Big thanks and respect to you, Tape Brothers for your dedication in supporting our youth. Thank you for sponsoring the tape for the youth Futsal court at the Hampton Reggae Fest, you are amazing...Bless!

He Got Creative:

He had the kids paint banners that were displayed at the festival, and better yet, he sent us photos of the kids doing it.

futsal kids sign

He Sent Lots of Photos:

For us, this is the most important part. We love sharing photos of our duct tape being used, and if it is being used for a good cause, that's even better. Steve sent us photos from before, during and after the event, and we shared many of them on our page on Facebook.

futsal court3

futsal court 2

futsal kids

He Made a Video:

Most of us have video cameras in our phones now, so making a video doesn't have to be complicated. We love to share videos, and it's fun to see videos of our tape being used, and to see reactions from the people who use it. Steve likes to edit videos, so the video he sent us was epic, but just a short clip of kids saying "Thank You Tape Brothers!" would be awesome too!

If you'd like us to donate to your organization, you don't necessarily have to do all the things Steve did, and you're free to be creative and find other ways to thank us for the donation (like writing a blog post about us or linking to us from your website). Just make sure you know what you can do when you contact us.

Purple and Green Care Package Duct Tape Care Package

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purple and green duct tape care pack

Every now and again, we like to say “thank you” to the people who contribute to our Tape Brothers page on Facebook by sending out a duct tape care package. This one is going to out to Toni Anne Straws who has been sharing some great duct tape art with us lately, and she’s sent us lots of great photos for our Valentine’s Duct Tape Music Video.

The duct tapes in this care package can be purchased at The tape include:
Wavy Green Duck Brand Duct Tape
Purple Zebra Duck Brand Duct Tape
Tape Brothers Craft Grade Light Green Duct Tape

Duct Tape Canvas: Babe's Drapes

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Duct Tape Art

We’ve recently been introduced to the work of Pete Warburton. Pete is a fine artist who has works in an unusual medium that is close to our heart -- duct tape. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be featuring a number of works that Pete has been kind enough to share with us. Moreover, Pete’s work has inspired us to start a new category for duct tape canvases here on The canvas above is called Babe's Drapes.

Duct Tape Valentines Song

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valentine tape

It's time to do a new duct tape song. A few of our friends on Facebook suggested Duck Brand Wild Hearts Duct Tape, and we thought that was a good idea, with Valentines day coming up and all. To make it fun, we thought we'd throw in some 3M Scotch Hot Pink Duct Tape, and some Duck Brand Cha Cha Cherry Red Duct Tape.

So here's what we need from you. Send us photos of Wild Hearts Duct Tape, Red Duct Tape, or Pink Duct tape in fun situations, and we'll base a duct tape song off your photos, and we'll use your photos in a duct tape music video.

For ideas of what other people have sent in for similar duct tape music videos, check out our page on YouTube.

The best way to send us photos is to post them to our wall on our page on Facebook.

Get your photos in before February 15, cause we'll be making the duct tape music video that weekend.

Duct Tape Shoes from Duck Tape Creations

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duct tape shoes

We think this is a great way to breath new life into some old shoes. Our friend on Facebook, Lindsey from DuckTapeCreations shared this photo with us. To revitalize her shoes, Lindsey covered the sides with Duck Brand Houndstooth Duct Tape, and she used a razor blade to cut out the lace and breathing holes. Next she covered the tongue and bottom rubber with Duck Brand Funky Flamingo X-Factor Duct Tape. The toe and back strip are covered with Duck Brand Midnight Madness Duct Tape. When the taping was done, Lindsey glued the bow patches to the back, and laced them with houndstooth ribbons, which were sealed with pink duct tape to prevent them from fraying.

Toni Anne Straw's Duct Tape Canvas

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straws duct canvas web

Our friend on Facebook Toni Anne Straws from DuctTapeFabulous share this beautiful duct tape canvas with us.

Toni was inspired by her favorite shirt, which she bought years ago at a reggae festival. To get started, she made copies of the image on her shirt, then she cut out the shapes of the face and the hat and used them as stencils to trace the shapes on a big piece of paper. Once the shapes were traced, she filled them in with large pieces of black tape.

Next she made stencils for the main shapes in the hat before she cut the shapes from duct tape. She did the same for the earrings and necklace, and she fre-handed the dreadlocks and accents like the beads, eyes, and shirt.

Toni says this project took her about 6 hours to complete. Great job, Toni! Thanks for sharing it with us.

All the duct tape used in this project is available at The following duct tape was used:

#ducttapeholidays Contest Winners

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We had amazing participation in our #ducttapeholidays contest.  We had so many great entries, we added three runners-up in addition to our first and second prize winners.

Grand Prize Winner

a grinch

Sarah Stout from Duct Tape by Design made this impressive Grinch for our contest.  Sarah says it took 13 days to complete and used up almost $200 worth of tape.

Do you have a project you would like to have featured on Duct Tape Fashion?

Great! We’d love to have you. Here’s what to do: 1) Go to and like our page. 2) Post a photo of your project on our wall. 3) Get 50 people to like the photo. Once that happens we’ll ask you to contact us so we can ask some questions about how you made your project and what tapes you used.