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Duct Tape Butterfly Hair Clip from Kim Goodwin

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butter fly hair clip

Kim Goodwin from Duct Tape Creations made this beautiful Duct Tape Butterfly Hairclip. Here's how she did it:

First, she makes two duct tape sheets using the Totally Tie-Dye Duck Brand Duct Tape, and puts wire between the sheets for extra support. Then she cuts out the shape for each wing.

For the black detail, Kim traced out the wing shape and cut holes in Black Duct Tape so the Tye-Die duct tape would show through and make the wing pattern.

She cut little circles out of White Duct Tape to make the spots on the wings. The body was made by rolling up black duct tape.

You can see more of Kim Goodwin's work at her Duct Tape Creations page on Facebook.

The tapes used in this project can be purchased from

Totally Tie-Dye Duck Brand Duct Tape

Midnight Madness Black Duck Brand Duct Tape

Winking White Duck Brand Duct Tape


Duct Tape Bow

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duct tape bow

Heather Anne Richards from Handmade by Heather made this Duct Tape Baby Bow.  Here's how she did it:.  She takes two strips of tape about 11" long and sticks them together and cuts them in half.  Then she cuts them in half again so she has four skinny 11" strips.  Then she cuts them to about four inches and folds then and hot glues them together.  She does the same thing for the top bows, except they are 2 1/2" strips.  The flower is an embellishment (not duct tape).

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