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BFM3D Duct Tape Portrait of Bill Murray

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20130809 3dbfm

Our friend on Facebook Felicia Herrera shared this amazing duct tape canvas with us. It's Bill Murray wearing 3D glasses, and we think it's awesome. It's amazing what can be done with some duct tape, and exacto knife, a little patients, and clearly a lot of talent. We sent Felicia a Duct Tape Care Package so she can keep up the amazing work. You can follow her on Instagram @jazzywallets, and you can buy duct tape from

Virginia Morlino's Duct Tape Backpack

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duct tape backpack

Our friend Virginia Morlino on Facebook wanted to make something unique for her little one, so since it’s back-to-school time, she decided to make a Minnie Mouse backpack. Virginia checked out some backpacks she liked for ideas, and modified a pattern to make a unique design. This backpack is 100% duct tape -- except for the two zippers.

Great job, Virginia. And thanks for sharing! You can see more of Virginia’s work on her page on Facebook. You can buy Minnie Mouse duct tape at

Duct Tape Dan's Duct Tape Roses

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20130730 dans duct

Our friend on Facebook, Dan form Dan’s Duck Tape Products, made these duct tape roses. The roses look great, and this is a great example of how a good photo really makes the design pop!

Thanks, Dan for sharing. You can check out more of Dan’s work on Facebook, and of course, you can buy all the duct tape you need from

Duct Tape Flowers

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tori flowers

Our friend on Facebook Toni Ann Straws from DuctTape Fabulous shared the gorgeous duct tape flowers with us.  We love the petal design, and this is a great example of a well-photographed project.  Thaks for sharing, Toni.

All duct tape used in this project is from

Duct Tape Donation for Crafty Richela and Ronald McDonald House New York

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richela donation2

Our friend Crafty Richela @CraftyRichela, author of the terrific Tape It & Make It duct tape craft book, will be at the Ronald McDonald House New York on Sunday March, 10 2013 to teach the kids the art of Duct Tape Crafting! Barron’s Educational has donated copies of Richela’s book, and was thrilled to donate some duct tape for the effort. Thanks for thinking of us Richela, and send us photos of the event!

Duct Tape Shoes from Duck Tape Creations

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duct tape shoes

We think this is a great way to breath new life into some old shoes. Our friend on Facebook, Lindsey from DuckTapeCreations shared this photo with us. To revitalize her shoes, Lindsey covered the sides with Duck Brand Houndstooth Duct Tape, and she used a razor blade to cut out the lace and breathing holes. Next she covered the tongue and bottom rubber with Duck Brand Funky Flamingo X-Factor Duct Tape. The toe and back strip are covered with Duck Brand Midnight Madness Duct Tape. When the taping was done, Lindsey glued the bow patches to the back, and laced them with houndstooth ribbons, which were sealed with pink duct tape to prevent them from fraying.

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