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MalleableGifts' Mega Duct Tape Purse

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20131216 zipper purse

Our friend MalleableGifts on Etsy made this incredible Mega Duct Tape Purse. Besides the hardware, this purse is all duct tape. 11” x 7” x 3”, this purse has a reinforced zipper top, and a magnetic clasp closure. Stainless steel rivets bind the purse together in all the right spots to make this a completely functional accessory -- not to mention the indestructible factor. MalleableGifts uses extra wide rolls of duct tape to make the seamless panels.

You can check out this Mega Duct Tape Purse or buy it at MalleableGifts’ Etsy store.

You can buy extra-wide Duct Tape at

Looks Like Wool But It's Actually Duct Tape Purse

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20131211 wool purse

Our friend PolkaDuct on Etsy crafted this awesome purse with Wool Stocking Designer Duct Tape. The pattern is so realistic, she says some people have to stop and feel it to believe it. The purse itself has many compartment and a big pocket that zips shut. The wooden button is decorative, and she used a magnet to fasten the flap. You can check out this purse on PolkaDuct's Etsy store.

You can buy Wool Stocking Designer Duct Tape at

Bobbi Child's Duct Tape Woven Wallet

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20131108 woven wallet

Our friend Bobbi Child on Facebook shared with us this great looking Woven Wallet. To make this wallet she cut strips of Yellow Duck Tape and Flower Wallpaper Duck Tape, and wove them together. The body of the wallet is a simple Ziploc coin pouch, and she integrated the accordion parts and the fold-over flat separately.

Thanks for sharing, Bobbi!

You can connect with Bobbi on Facebook and Instagram. You can buy your duct tape from

Duct Tape Care Package for EdGE

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20131009 care pack

Our friend Andrew on Facebook is an EdGE (Ed Greaves Education) Site Coordinator. EdGE is an innovative youth development program of the Main Sea Coast Mission for students in coastal Washington County, Maine. They encourage youth to stay engaged in school, build character, improve academic performance, and build self-confidence. Some of their activities include having kids compete in challenges as groups, and many of those activities involve doing creative things with duct tape. Today we’re sending out a care package to contribute to the cause.

How to make a duct tape pillow by Rachel Heimberger

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20131008 pillow

Our friend on Facebook Rachel Heimberger shared this great looking Duct Tape Pillow. To make the pillow, Rachel layered tape to make two duct tape sheets that were 11 inches square. For the pattern side, she used Duck Brand Red White Blue waves duct tape, and for the inside, she just used leftover scraps. Then she put the pieces together, pattern side facing and then stapled the sides and bottom, covering the seam with more duct tape. The shed turned the whole thing inside-out, stuffed it, and sealed the top with duct tape.

You can but duct tape at

Duct Tape Flowers -- Nice Photo!

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20130828 roses

One of the criteria we look for when picking crafts to display on is the quality of the photo. There's been lots of times where we've encountered a photo of a great craft, but the background is ugly, or the lighting is bad, and we couldn't feature it there. We think these photos of Duct Tape Flowers from our friend @ducktapebotique13 on Instagram is a great example of how to use what's around your house to make a nice background to complement your craft and create a nice photo.

Tip for Taking Better Duct Tape Craft Photos

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20130827 howto

When we pick projects to feature on, we don't just consider the craft, but we consider the quality of the photo as well. A great easy way to make your crafts "pop" is to photograph them on some colored paper. That's what we do for the rolls of tape, and it's super easy and super cheap to do.

Sherry Rowland's Steampunk Duct Tape Fedora

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20130828 fedora

Our friend on Facebook Sherry Rowland shared this amazing Steampunk Duct Tape Fedora that she made as a gift for a friend. She used regular strength gray duck brand duct tape to build the hat. She didn’t have a pattern so she based it off other fedoras she had seen. To create the rivets and lines, Sherry used a hot-glue gun. Then she painted the entire thing in 3 layers of paint. First she spray painted it black, and then applied two different shades of brown with her fingers to create varying texture and to give it the leather look. The various steampunk accessories were pinned on or hot-glued. It took Sherry 5 days of off and on work to complete the project.

You can check out more of Sherry’s designs on her Facebook page. You can buy duct tape from

Woven Duct Tape Tote from PolkaDuct

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20130814 woven bag

Our friend Sara on Facebook at PolkaDuct shared this great Woven Duct Tape Tote Bag. Here's what she has to say about the bag and how she made it:

At the confluence of three styles of tape is this beautiful tote bag. The inside is spacious, and you'll be surprised how much you can fit into this bag. It also has a small picket inside for items that you want to keep handy. Our test research shows that it'll hold an entire grocery basket full of groceries and then some.

Kennedy Fruik's Duct Tape Clutch

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20130814 clutch

Our friend Kennedy Fruik on Facebook shared a photo of a Duct Tape Clutch she made. She said around prom season, she sold a few of these clutches to make some extra money. She matched the colors of the tape with the color of the dress, and most people had no idea the clutch was made of duct tape until she mentioned it. Kennedy made the pattern on the side by making duct tape rose petals and layering them in rows. Thanks for sharing, Kennedy!

You can buy duct tape from

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