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Jean Earndoggy Strong's Duct Tape Crafts

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20140114 rose crafts

Our friend Jean Earndoggy Strong from Facebook won a roll of  Rose Garden Phototape, and she used it along with duct tape to create this duct tape purse, duct tape folder, duct tape wallet, and duct tape bottle holder.  The Phototape has a bright design on a clear tape, and it can be put on top of duct tape to enhance a craft design.  Thanks for sharing Jean!

You can get Rose Garden Phototape from

Halen Harvey's Duct Tape Dress

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halen harvey dress

Our friend Halen Harvey on Facebook shared this great duct tape dress she made for a spirit day at her high school.  She based the design on a pattern she bought from her nearest craft store, and she embellished with beautiful duct tape chevron accents and textures.  And check out the matching purse.  Nice work Halen!  Thanks for sharing.

If you want to try your hand at making a duct tape dress, you can get great deals on duct tape at

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