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Zip Seal Duct Tape Pencil Pouch

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20140809 ziplock pencil pouch

Using a zip seal plastic bag is a simple and clever way to create a functional duct tape pencil pouch, and it's a great duct tape craft idea.  Our friend on Facebook Victoria Anne Long made this example which she submitted for a chance to win our big Duct Tape GIVEAWAY -- and she was randomly selected to win.  We'll have another Duct Tape GIVEAWAY soon.


How to Ask For a Duct Tape Donation from

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Every week, we have people ask us to donate duct tape. Requests come from people like individuals working on a pet project, from roller derby teams, and from big kid-focused charities. has set up a monthly budget for duct tape donations, and although we'd like to help everyone, sometimes we have to make tough decisions on who we can help right away, and who we have to turn down.

We make our decisions based on a few factors. How much good will our donation do? How much tape has been asked for? And what will we have to show for our donation?

When we donate duct tape to a worthy cause, we like to make a big deal about it. We're going to let our friends and fans know we're making the donation. We'll probably post a photo of the package before it leaves our warehouse, and we hope we'll get photos back of people using our tape. This is good for everyone because it helps us promote the cause, and it gives the cause a chance to say thanks by promoting us.

If you're going to ask us for a donation, make sure you're clear about how much tape you need, about what good our donation will do, and let us know what you'll be able to provide to us so we can show how the tape was used.

Recently we donated some duct tape to our new friend Steve, and he's provided a great example of what you can do to help us get the most out of our donation.

Steve, is involved with a kids soccer team, and the kids had a chance to play an exhibition Futsal (indoor soccer) game at the Hampton Reggae Festival. Steve asked us to donate some red, yellow, and green duct tape so he could mark-off the Futsal court. Here's what Steve did to make donating easy:

He Knew How Much Duct Tape He Needed:

Steve knew that he could mark-off his Futsal court with 2 rolls of each color, and have a little to spare. That was easy for us to do, and we even threw in a couple rolls of pattern duct tape for the kids to craft with.

futsal donation

He Demonstrated the Good:

Steve's team is designed for kids that might not have access to other programs, and it reinforces fitness, teamwork, structure, and self-discipline.  He shared this photo of the kids playing a match:

futsal kids 2

He Promoted Us on Facebook:

Steve posted on his page on Facebook that we would be donating tape to the event, and he encouraged his fans to like our page and thank us for the donation. We saw dozens give us a thumbs up for our participation, including this post:

Big thanks and respect to you, Tape Brothers for your dedication in supporting our youth. Thank you for sponsoring the tape for the youth Futsal court at the Hampton Reggae Fest, you are amazing...Bless!

He Got Creative:

He had the kids paint banners that were displayed at the festival, and better yet, he sent us photos of the kids doing it.

futsal kids sign

He Sent Lots of Photos:

For us, this is the most important part. We love sharing photos of our duct tape being used, and if it is being used for a good cause, that's even better. Steve sent us photos from before, during and after the event, and we shared many of them on our page on Facebook.

futsal court3

futsal court 2

futsal kids

He Made a Video:

Most of us have video cameras in our phones now, so making a video doesn't have to be complicated. We love to share videos, and it's fun to see videos of our tape being used, and to see reactions from the people who use it. Steve likes to edit videos, so the video he sent us was epic, but just a short clip of kids saying "Thank You Tape Brothers!" would be awesome too!

If you'd like us to donate to your organization, you don't necessarily have to do all the things Steve did, and you're free to be creative and find other ways to thank us for the donation (like writing a blog post about us or linking to us from your website). Just make sure you know what you can do when you contact us.

Purple and Green Care Package Duct Tape Care Package

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purple and green duct tape care pack

Every now and again, we like to say “thank you” to the people who contribute to our Tape Brothers page on Facebook by sending out a duct tape care package. This one is going to out to Toni Anne Straws who has been sharing some great duct tape art with us lately, and she’s sent us lots of great photos for our Valentine’s Duct Tape Music Video.

The duct tapes in this care package can be purchased at The tape include:
Wavy Green Duck Brand Duct Tape
Purple Zebra Duck Brand Duct Tape
Tape Brothers Craft Grade Light Green Duct Tape

Experimental Airlines Longest Wingspan Contest

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Our friend Ed Orsine from Experimental Airlines challenges remote control aircraft enthusiasts around the country to build exceptional planes using foam and carton tape from While the foam provides the structure of the aircraft, the tape makes the surface smooth and reinforces the strength of the foam. Also it makes the planes look pretty. Here are some planes entered for the Longest Wingspan Content. The winner, Codefreezer, built a plane with a 17’ wingspan that stayed aloft for 60 seconds, landed, and relaunched (check out his videos on YouTube). He wins a $75 gift certificate to to buy tape for a future project. Great job, and thanks Ed for promoting us with your awesome contests.

ScratchBuild Modle Airplane Made with Carton Tape

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Our friend Ed O'Beirne has a great project called Experimental Airlines where he creates and promotes the creation of innovative remote contol airplanes that include colored packing tapes provided by 

Ed says, "The crucial components of the genre of airplane I like to design, build, and promote are your colored packing tapes plus Readi-Board (aka "Dollar Tree Foamboard) and hot glue. I've developed a method of consistently applying the tape to the foamboard prior to building. The tape not only adds color but also strength, durability, and waterproofing (from wet grass)."

Ed has a contest he runs every couple of months to see who can build the most outstanding example of a model airplane using his technique.

Check out Experimental Airlines on YouTube»

Here's the Carton Tapes from used for the planes»

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